There is a Hero in all of us. What will you do with your power?
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 Eva "Sage" Bane

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PostSubject: Eva "Sage" Bane   Mon May 17, 2010 2:26 am

Full Name: Eva Bane
Hero Title: Sage
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Men
Age: 25

Weight: 145lbs
Hair Color and style: Brown, long but usually tied back
Eye Color: Golden
Skin Color: Olive
Clothing: dark blue, long sleeved blouse; brown leather vest; dark brown trousers; black boots

*ORBS* [Awarded by Admins or Moderators]
Green: 0
Red 0
Yellow 0
Blue 0

Mastery: Strength
Combo Points:
HP: 250 [Hit Points]
MP: 100 [Mana Points]
Strength: 70
Skill: 20
Will: 20

*EQUIPMENT and SKILLS* [Starters assigned by Admins or Moderators]
Melee Weapon: Rusty Mace
Ranged Weapon: Rusty Pistol
Known Spells: Enflame,
Armor: [Purchase in Shops]
Accessories: [Purchase in Shops]

Gold: 500 [Starting]
Usable Items:
Key Items:


Eva grew up within the walls of the Guild. Her father, Leonidas Bane, was a Hero and so she was destined to be one as well. Once her formal training was finished at the Guild, at the age of 18, she was sent out into the world to do heroic deeds as she saw fit. Eva's heart guided her towards performing good for the people of Albion and her mace paved the way through countless bandits, Hobbes, and Balverines.

Four years later, Eva returned home to find it almost completely burned to the ground, Spire soldiers sprawling all over the Guild like ants, searching for something, destroying everything in their way that wasn't what they came for. Several young Heroes in training fell by the blade of the Spire Soldiers while the few experienced Heroes that frequented the Guild were bound by a new, greater, darker magic the Spire Soldiers master possessed. Those who did not willingly go with the soldiers were killed on the spot.

Leonidas was among the Heroes who decided to be taken by the Spire soldiers. She did not see this as a weakness on her father's part, but as a plan he must have formulated in such a desperate situation. Tears stung the corners of her eyes knowing her father was no longer with her and revenge against those who destroyed her home began to brew inside of her. She channeled that strong energy into rebuilding the Guild to its former glory and running it until she was reunited with her father.
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Eva "Sage" Bane
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