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 Nicolis "Jestful" Strontfill

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PostSubject: Nicolis "Jestful" Strontfill   Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:32 pm

Full Name: Nicolis Strontfill
How did you find us?: Horizon
Hero Title: Jestful
Gender: M
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Height: 6'1
Weight: 134 lb
Hair Color and Style: Brownish/Messy, all over the place
Eye Color: Brown
Clothing: Black Tailcoat, Brown slacks, Button Shoes

( Can't find any pictures )

*ORBS* [Awarded by Admins or Moderators]
Green 0
Red 0
Yellow 0
Blue 0

Mastery: Skill
Combo Points:
HP: 300
MP: 100
Strength: 20
Skill: 30
Will: 20

*EQUIPMENT and SKILLS* [Starters assigned by Admins or Moderators]
Melee Weapon:
Ranged Weapon:
Known Spells:

Gold: 500
Usable Items:
Key Items:


Nicolis Strontfill had a natural birth, his mom was a normal cooking and cleaning mother, his dad was a natural born Hero. His mother was always busy cleaning up the house, making food, doing chores, and cleaning up after Nicolis. His Dad on the other hand was always busy drinking with his friends, and fooling around. Nicolis was sent to the Guild when his mother grew sick. She would cough, and sneeze every minute of the day, she had a horrible case of the fever, and would would have constant nose bleeds.
When Nicolis was sent to the Guild, he was sent along with a caretaker, a close friend of his Mother. His caretaker was a borned Hero, and a blacksmith. He forged many ranged weaponry and bullets. Nicolis would be train and practice alongside his caretaker until he graduated from the Guild. Although, Nicolis wasn't the top of his class, he would always try and make little improvement each time he practiced.
Nicolis isn't such a strong person nor is he a weak person. He has a strong personality and would always show up to a place with a smile. He could act a bit childish sometimes, but that's just how he is. His Dad didn't have a such a big impact on him like his mother and his caretaker did. His Mother died a few months after his graduation, and his father would be announced missing a few weeks after. As for his caretaker, he was announced dead when he was out delivering a flintlock pistol to a town nearby. This did tear apart Nicolis in an unfortunate way, but he had his way of dealing with this pain. The caretaker was like a father figure to him...

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PostSubject: Re: Nicolis "Jestful" Strontfill   Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:26 pm

*50* general experience points awarded!

And you can give yourself some weapons for now, but they must be starter weapons that are Rusty or Splintered.
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Nicolis "Jestful" Strontfill
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