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 Battle System (Suggestion)

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Chicken Chaser
Chicken Chaser

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PostSubject: Battle System (Suggestion)   Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:38 am

Listed here below is a laid out system of fighting. The system that has been recently proposed is some what deterring. The few I have introduced either do not understand it or they completely disliked it. There is no offense intended in this at all but rather I would like to make a suggestion with a style that has been passed down through the ages of roleplayers.

True Style

True fighting, or orthodox fighting, is a style that is the oldest and most followed amongst veterans. Newer RPers tend not to fight in True right away, as it is somewhat an acquired taste. However, it is powerful in the respect that it requires high creativity and honor to make it work. True is defined as: “On offense: not describing any damage inflicted upon an opponent; not controlling an opponent. On defense: not completely avoiding damage; not being a god.”

Determining Damage

Determining damage is a large part of True fighting. It is also the most important, as you must decide how much damage is inflicted upon you based on your opponents attack. Let us first look at an example of determining damage. In this example, Wiergraf is on the defense and Shinn Kuuro is attacking.

With a mighty yell, Shinn Kuuro swung his flaming blade in a powerful wide arc, slicing through the air in the blink of an eye towards Wiergraf’s exposed head.

If the battle had so far consisted of short attacks, then this would be qualified as a good hitting attack, or an attack capable of inflicting damage. To determine if an attack is good enough, take into account spelling, grammar, punctuation, detail, physics and how the attack is unfolding. Also take into account the stance your character is in, how proficient he is in melee or defense, etc. Wiergraf is a master swordsman and Shinn’s attack was concise, descriptive and grammatically correct, thus making it a good hitting attack. Here is an example of a possible defense Wiergraf could use:

Wiergraf spotted the incoming blade and quickly threw his apocalypse up in an attempt to ward off the ferocious blow. The two weapons collided, sending sparks flying in all directions. Wiergraf managed to deflect the sword somewhat so, instead of hitting his vulnerable head, its teeth cut into his left shoulder. A river of blood began to seep out of the long, jagged gash. Wiergraf looked into the eyes of his opponent, narrowing his own eyes.

Sometimes, however, there are times when you should not inflict damage upon yourself. If you see an attack that has poor spelling, poor grammar, poor punctuation, little to no detail, etc. then you are expected to not inflict damage upon yourself. Here is an example of when not to inflict damage:

Shinn took his word and swung it at weirs body. The sword went quickly and fastly and Shinn aimed it at weir’s head.

That was horrible, for lack of a better word. There are spelling errors, grammar errors and hardly any detail. Here is an example of an appropriate response:

Wiergraf rolled his eyes and watched as the futile warrior attempted to strike him. His pathetic toy of a sword thumped against Wiergraf’s blade and bounced back as the great warrior yawned, growing impatient at the debacle.

Shinn’s attack was inadequate and weak, thus Wiergraf’s response dealt with that while inflicting no damage to either side. If you see a post such as Wiergraf’s response and you have been offended, please do not be. It is simply someone telling you to be a little more careful in how you attack in the future.

Final Lesson: Description, grammar and power all equal damage. Don’t expect a weak and poorly spelt attack to do anything to your opponent.

Now for those who truly read this whole thing you will learn that there is hardly a flaw anywhere. The only flaw to be made is impatience. Obviously this will take a bit more time as administrators will have to read through the pages of the quest.

Now to note that the system that is implemented now is not bad but it feels too much like the game. Roleplaying is simply not playing a videgame. Is writting your own story where many wondrous characters that belong to other great writers like yourself introduce them into the story :]
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PostSubject: Re: Battle System (Suggestion)   Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:06 pm

The battle system you describe is one that the founders of this site, and friends of said founders, have been using since we all met on the MSN boards. It is definitely an ideal setting for story telling and, in my opinion, a good place for newbies to begin.

The battle system we have in place is one that does reflect a video game feel to it but is more related to D&D style. I believe that it ultimately presents a fairer fight because it relies on tactic from each opponent and numbers don't lie. Also it's easier to reward Exp orbs and such.

The problem that sometimes occurs with "true style" is that you'll get that one guy who never wants to lose, who attacks always land, and never gets hit. Those kinds of people ruin the story telling for chaps like us. I think the battle system is a good release for those kinds of RPers because they can see progress in their character and know when they do or don't hit.

"True style" is very subjective and like you said, you have to be honorable and creative to make it work. If you check out one of our affiliates, Contagion, that site successfully uses a traditional RP system and a D&D or battle type system. Another affiliate, Abyss: End of Days, will be a traditional style or "true style" RP. The latter is just starting out so it's a bit bare.

I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Like Icarus said we're kind of in a limbo state. When I originally started this site my intention was to have it as a "true style" RP but no one seemed interested so my buddy Ash decided to spice things up with the battle system which we thought could really encompass Fable's spirit. Because it's all about how much you can kill Very Happy

Hopefully in the next few days we will have most everything sorted out as far as Battling and rewards, true RP and rewards, and shops! So for now, thank you for your patience and undivided attention Razz Please don't hesitate to keep suggesting things or if you have any questions or concerns.

And each man stands with his face in the light. Of his own drawn sword, ready to do what a hero can. -Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Battle System (Suggestion)
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