There is a Hero in all of us. What will you do with your power?
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 Jarn "Shadowblade" Eisenfaust

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Jarn Eisenfaust
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PostSubject: Jarn "Shadowblade" Eisenfaust   Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:45 pm

Describe to the Town Crier, and others who are willing to lend an ear, your stories of greatness, tragedy and heroism! (50 Experience rewarded)

Name: Jarn "Shadowblade" Eisenfaust
How did you find us?:went to RPG-D from Sonic Cyclone, and found Tales of Albion from there.
Hero Title:Shadowblade
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Straight
Hair Color: Jet black, with red highlights,
Eye Color: Deep, deep blue eyes
Skin Color: Caucaisain, with blue glyphs.
Clothing: Black boots, Gentlmen's pants (red), Gentlmen's shirt (red), sack, Duelist's gloves(Glyphs), Silver necklace (saphire, "Candice" Engraved) Black goatee.

**If you can, provide a picture of your Hero**

Primary Skill: Please state your strongest attribute so you can be placed in one of three groups

•Will Master - Natural with will, but good with strength.

Will Abilities: Choose one spell from each category. You will be able to purchase more spells or upgrade current spells at the Weapons Shop. If there is a spell that is not listed, or you have your own feel free to list it but keep in mind the LAWS and it will begin as a Lvl 1 spell

•Attack spells -multistrike
•Physical spells -heal life
•Surround spells -slow time

Melee Weapon: Rusty Katana
Range Weapon: rusty clockwork pistol

**Please list your weapons and spells in your signature**


Jarn Eisenfaust was the son of a Hero father and a Human mother. on a matter of chance, he was born as a hero. his family was fairly wealthy, living in the wealthy side of Bowerstone. as a child, he was slightly pampered, but also not totally spoiled, so he didn't become a spoiled brat. He was taught by a private toutor, and a few years after that, at the age of 14, he learned about a kind of magic that used "will", and instantly studied upon it.
after learning a considerate ammount of will magic, his parents were willing to teach him swordsmanship, and how to use a gun. he wasn't exactly good with a gun, but was also good with using a sword, particulary, a katana. a few years after that, one of his sisters was kidnapped by bandits, and demanded payment in exchange for the girl's life. much to his mother's dismay, he traveled to an abandoned mine, which was where her sister was being held. he sneaked through the mines, until he found his sister's cell. he then proceeded to knock out the bandit protecting it. he used the guard's keys to open the cell, and with her sister's hand in his, they fought through the mines, killng many bandits that threatened her freedom. When they reached the entrance, the bandit's leader blocked the entrance, and demanded that he ceased the attack, and maybe he would live. Jarn refused, and using magic he never used before, he killed the bandit leader, and they then traveled to their home. his father was impressed, and took him to The Guild to be trained, like his father before him. his training was going well, except in the art of skill. he menchained that he used magic on his sword he never knew he could, and the name "Shadowblade" stuck, describing how he infused his sword with magic to save his sister. he kept on training, working harder on skill, until he passed. once he passed, at the age of 17, he went to his parent's home. what he found was something that haunts him to this day. his house was on fire, with bandits overrunning it. he fought through waves of bandits, making way for his sister's room. his sister was unharmed, but hiding in her dresser. they then made their way to Jarn's room, where he gathered things he could fit inside his pack, mostly books and momentos of his house. he then instructed his sister to get out of the house, and gave her his pistol to protect herself. when he fought to the center of his house, he found his father overswarmed with bandits, and Jarn was busy with his own. When jarn killed all the bandits surrounding him, he looked, only to see his father finished off. deeply shocked by this, he could only stand there, with his parents both dead, her mother dead in her bed. once he snapped to his senses, he ran towards his parent's room, nearly getting burned in the process. when he was upstairs, the stairs before him collapsed, meaning he couldn't go downstairs anymore. once he reached his parent's room, he found his mother's corpse, but wasn't too suprized about this. he took his mother's necklace, which had a saphire upon it. he now wears this to this day. he then found his parent's stash of money, and jumped out of the window. thanks to him being a hero, he survived, with only two shards of glass on him. his sister was nowhere to be found. as soon as he turned around, he found his parent's home, an expensive one, burn to the ground. a few years after that, he learned that his parents left him a trust fund, which could only be used once he was 26. he was 24 years old at the time, so he had only two years left until he could get the money his parents left him. he now does heroic deeds, missions, and quests for those who need it.

Who said "Law is order in liberty, and without order liberty is social chaos."? Archbishop Ireland
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PostSubject: Re: Jarn "Shadowblade" Eisenfaust   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:51 pm

Everything looks good to me. Your story is unique. You can start RPing to gain some renown and we're putting together a new battle system which will hopefully be implemented soon!

And each man stands with his face in the light. Of his own drawn sword, ready to do what a hero can. -Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Jarn "Shadowblade" Eisenfaust
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