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 Caprice of Dusk

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PostSubject: Caprice of Dusk   Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:52 pm

Dusk is falling upon the land of Hyrule. As the sun sets, the people of Hyrule grow nervous, as they all can feel it. A change is coming, certainly; only the unknown lies within the darkness of the coming night.

It has been one hundred years since the rise and fall of Ganondorf. It has been a time of peace, a time of true prosperity; the kingdom of Hyrule has grown to higher and grander proportions than ever before. However - many citizens of this kingdom are reporting strange feelings of being on edge, as if change lurks around the corner, poised like a waiting and hungry wolf.

Hyrule, in its current state of naivete, is the perfect target for this evil. There are no armies, not even any Sages left to speak of. Princess Zelda, herself, and the Triforce of Wisdom seemingly disappeared shortly after the resolution of Ganondorf's first conflict. The seal upon the Temple of Time is weakening in response to this vulnerability, and there is no Hero to defend it. It is up to the civilians to take action; it is up to them to decide which side they take, be it good or evil.

Caprice of Dusk is a very different kind of roleplaying board, as we aim to stay as close to the original idea of The Legend of Zelda as possible. Thus, items, Sage status, etc. are distributed not by admin favoritism, but by a gaming mechanism which has had a lot of hard work put into it. Please come by and check us out - you won't regret it.

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Caprice of Dusk
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